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POEA License No.: POEA-038-LB-022619-R  - License Valid from Mar 03, 2019 to Mar 02, 2023
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  Landbased Workers for Employment Abroad: Angola , Africa

Recognizing the tremendous potentials of the need for qualified workers and professionals for land-based foreign employment, PHILAFRICA TECHNICAL RESOURCES, INC. established and incorporated in 1997.
Initially organized to secure the services of only the most competent manpower available, PHILAFRICA today is an accepted leader in local circles and foreign clients in Angola. It is duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.) of the Department of Labor and Employment to recruit and deploy Filipino land-based workers for employment abroad.

Scope of services
As a recruitment agency, PHILAFRICA TECHNICAL RESOURCES, INC. has deployed over 1,000 contract workers for our employers in Luanda, Angola. Among the fields or areas of employment it specializes on the following
• Construction and General Engineering
• Plant Operation and Maintenance
(Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance)
• Telecommunications
• Oilfield Depot (Pipeline welding and installation etc.)
• Diamond Mining Operation
• Heavy Equipment Repair and Maintenance
• Construction of cold storage and refrigeration
• Metal Fabrication and Machining

As glimpsed from the areas above, PHILAFRICA supplies manpower consisting of skilled, semi-skilled, technical, professional as well as management positions. From the company’s successful recruits some project managers and superintendent of various disciplines, accountants and other financial experts, electrician, electronic personnel, engineers, architects, construction workers, drivers, mechanics and many others.

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